Thursday, March 21, 2013

Menikmatinya Bila?

Hidup Untuk Memberi

People around me can classify me on their on way based on how I react with them...and I have no problem with that...cause people have their right to justify others as long as do not making fitnah ..ahaks!

And I am not that perfect or good to make people around me to like or accept as who I am..

There is no benefit you guys have to sacrifice yourself if people around you do not know what is the meaning of "appreciation".

Lebih-lebih lagi manusia macam aku ni.Eheh!

But do you guys need to stop?


Hati Itu Ibaratnya Ombak Pantai

 yes! memang hati itu macam ombak..sekejap pasang sekejap surut...sekali bah sekali pantai berubah.

"payah la weiii la nak jaga hati manusia..lantak la dia!"

dah tahu payah tak reti2 nak berhenti?

Hati Itu Ibarat Tanah Liat

kadang2 we have to stop hoping..

it is sgt payah guys to meet someone who appreciate you..understand you....know you inside and outside...

so the solution?


~random Post~tetapi mendalam. Ahaks!

till we meet again




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